Ellensburg, Washington

Kapala Press is the Vajrayana tributary of dPress (www.dpress.net) which is a literary press, established in 1967, to produce books of my own and my friends' writings and now has over 300 titles in its backlists. At present, the main focus is to create saddle-stiched, short-run, 20 to 40 page editions with color covers utilizing the modern copy machine.     

            Jampa Dorje, aka Richard Denner



Jampa Dorje



All unknown


Buddha, Jesus, Pythagorus, Shakespeare, Homer, all unknown

           Woody Allen characters arising

As the Word made Flesh; and me?

I’m just synapses firing in a tree

                      Tree as brain, tree as lineage


“Oh, God, leave a little mystery in it.”

“Sure, Brom, you’re right, but I thought you didn’t believe in God.”

“I don’t.”

“You told me that when you were young, during the London Blitz, you prayed to God to save you, and if He did you would become someone other.”

“That’s right, and that’s what I became— an atheist.”


now, this way

now, that—

prayer is dependable