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            Jampa Dorje, aka Richard Denner


Schelling's Treatise

SCHELLING’S TREATISE ON THE ESSENCE OF HUMAN FREEDOM by Martin Heidegger; translated by Joan Stambaugh; Ohio University Press Series in Continental Thought, Athens, Ohio, 1985


Interpretation of the First Discussions in Schelling’s Treatise, page 39 


According to Kant, philosophy is teleologia rationis humanae, essential knowledge of that toward which man’s reason and that means man in his essence, is oriented.  In this conceptual determination of philosophy, human reason is not understood just as the tool with which philosophy cognizes.  Rather, reason is the object of philosophical science, and indeed the object with respect to what constitutes the leading and comprehensive unity of reason, is system.  This system is determined by the highest concepts of unity and goal, God, world, man.  These are the archetypes in which the realm is projected, according to representation, where existing things are placed. This system in not derived from experience; but, rather, set up for it.

For the German Idealists, according to Heidegger,

"Philosophy is the intellectual intuition of the Absolute."